Santa Fe Specialist Award

Ivona Borisenko was awarded the Santa Fe Specialist designation by the Santa Fe Associate of REALTORS® for successfully completing over 30 continuing education credit hours of Santa Fe-centric courses and passing an exam.  The Santa Fe Specialist (SFeS) designation was launched by the association in August 2019 after four years of curriculum development in collaboration with local Santa Fe experts in the areas of history, culture, arts, architecture, commercial real estate, land use, city and county regulations, construction, property title, mineral and water rights, liquid waste and disposal, governance and Realtor® state or national resources.

The concept of developing a local area designation has been explored and created in other areas of the country but the Santa Fe Specialist is likely one of a handful in the nation at this time.  A local area designation has value when land use laws are complex; historic overlay areas and districts can impact property rights; Errors & Omissions claims are increasing or higher than average; strong Realtor® or licensee interest; along with multi-faceted and historical land use issues that include water or mineral rights; land grants; and impacts of federal and sovereign land.

The mission of the Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® (SFAR) is to enhance members’ ability to conduct their individual business successfully and with professional competency.  Established in 1948, SFAR is a not-for-profit trade association with a membership comprised of over 1000 Realtor® members representing a wide range of real estate professionals in the greater Santa Fe region including Los Alamos and Rio Arriba Counties.  SFAR is the accrediting entity of the Santa Fe Specialist designation. To learn more about the designation along with a list of Realtor® members who have earned their SFeS, visit: